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Our custom-made fireplace mantels can be produced in any wood species and finished in your choice of paint or stain.

The fireplace mantel specification sheets that accompany our designs are just guides; Funda-mantels can adjust the sizes to fit your needs


Pilaster legs with fine start and stop fluting, raised trim panel breast plate and large dental molding will complement a country setting.

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Classic style with soft inset paneled columns, sure footed base and delicate arch with raised panel breast plate to match.

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Extra wide legs and very deep start and stop fluted columns, double base blocks, u shaped top shelf finished off nicely with dental molding and an applique will make a statment in any size room.

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A classic style that has been around for hundreds of years. Jogged leg molding and soft moon molding topped off with dental molding will be around for years to come.

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Traditional with a contemporary flare. Rounded base and large beaded legs. Soft flowing breast plate complements the raised arched panels.

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Massive crown hand carved corbels and center applique on arched breast plate are enough on this simple but elegant masterpiece.

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La Colonna

Bold three depthed top shelf with flowing crown molding following every in and out of the shelf. Large top and bottom blocks with double fluted spindles on each side and simple center applique makes it presence known.

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La Moderna

Its name the modern one is what it is.Double moon molding topped off by mirror with flat plan legs.

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Heavy inset panals, very fine dental, deep boxed legs and breast plate and delicate starburst applique is a classic style.

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Elegant curved legs and suttle raised panel on breast plate give this mantel a contemporary design.

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Simple but elegant. Continuous fluted molding interrupted by rosettes caped with dental molding and crown molding.

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Corinthian traditional columns with u shaped top shelf bordered below with beaded freeze board.

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Fluted molding on legs that change over to plane upper blocks separated by a nice cove molding.

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This mantel makes a grand appearance with wide tapered inset panel legs with floating base blocks topped off with double corbels and large flair crown.

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The Shaker style uniquely simple yet very attractive. Featuring recessed panels with straight clean lines.

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Roman arch shadowing a straight background and double stacked moidings wrap our plane unfluted columns.

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Simple smooth columns with straight lines create a clean design.

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Massive and grand with extra large block dental molding.

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Large moon molding separated by thick center block fine dental molding with T shaped shelf accentuates the thick center block.

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Classic style with inset panel columns with backer board behind legs to give a clean profile line against wall for cabinets.

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Colonial molding to picture frame around fireplace is a simple way to dress it up.

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Appliques, fluting, dental molding, plinth blocks, this mantel has it all.

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Full double reeded columns on each leg, octagonal base blocks, matching starburst appliques on breast plate and legs, topped off with greek revival dental molding and crown will make your fireplace the center of attention.

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From top to bottom


St. Cloud


Distressed box beam

Michelangelo with corbels

Michelangelo without corbels


All shelves are made to any length,and can be made to cap over stone or to wrap around walls either one side or two sides.

From the top down.
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